Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Charlize Theron for Guess Handbags - 1994

I had been shooting for Guess Jeans since about 1985. Parties, Fashion Shows, Lookbooks, The Guess Journal
as well as photo projects and catalogs for the various Guess licensee's.
This shoot was originally meant to be a handbags product shoot but Paul Marciano's office called me at the last minute
and asked me to find and shoot with a model as well.
This was great news! I would much rather shoot the handbags with a model!
So I called around to the model agencies I knew and managed to pull in a quick favor.
I also grabbed some of my favorite crew including Lisa Ruckh - Hair & Make-up and then wardrobe stylist Teness who 
has since become an outstanding photographer.
We had no idea what the model looked like. All I knew was that I had told the booker that this was a shoot for Guess
and that we needed someone spectacular and new. New is right! 
I think Charlize was about 18 when I took these photos.
Charlize was perfect! So beautiful and such a natural. Her attitude and posing was spot on for each idea and I could
not stop shooting. Thank you Charlize!
We shot in my old studio in East LA. Mostly natural light or single strobe bare-bulb bounce fill. 35mm and 120 Kodak 
Tri-x film. Canon T-90 and Hasselblad cameras.

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