Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cross Process C-41 Film through E-6 Chemistry

A number of years ago there was a creative rage for "Cross Processing" film.
Cross processing could be defined as a technique where you expose negative film and develop it in chemistry that is meant to process transparency film - or vice versa.  I played around with this technique quite a bit and my all time favorite recipe was to shoot Kodak VHC negative film and process it in E-6 chemistry.

I would typically shoot type 669 polaroid to get a 100 ISO exposure and then open up or "overexpose" by one stop.  I would then run a "snip test" at +2 stops.

As far as light sources go, In the case below I used a mix of natural light and tungsten to get the deep blue colors along with the softer, warmer skin tones.  The photo below is of the beautiful Kimberly Bachofer

The above photo is model released and available as stock - Cross Process Beauty

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