Thursday, October 22, 2009

Geophysical Research Camp is Safely Moved over Crack in Sea Ice

After building a snow bridge to disperse weight, housing and equipment trailers are towed safely over a crack in the sea ice. Geophysical crews work during the arctic winter when they can travel out onto the ice of the Beafort Sea, north of the coast of Alaska. This photo was taken in 1980 on Harrison Bay, west of Prudhoe Bay and the oil town of Deadhorse. A D7 Caterpillar tractor moves trailers, which are on Ski's.

In the winter of 1980 and '81 I worked as camp cook for a catering company serving Geophysical Research Crews collecting data in the oil fields near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. I was responsible for the diet and nutrition of appx. 45 men for up to 2 months at a time.

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