Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Veteran Cowboy Actor Peter Breck

This photo was taken with a home made light box and hot lights on an old home movie light bank (3 - 200 watt lights I think).  
The light box was made from wood slats and a piece of white scrim material over the front.
I took this photograph of Peter in '81 I think. 
I was taking acting class from him at the time (to meet girls).  
I had an interest in photography during that time as well and Peter encouraged me to begin taking pictures of the other students in class.  
If there is a person for whom I could blame as being responsible for my initial inspiration in pursuing photography as a career, it would be Peter Breck & his wife Diane.

A More Recent Photo I took of Peter Breck
Peter Breck's Personal Website
Peter Breck on Wikipedia

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